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You Deserve a Full Paycheck

Trust Anthony J. Pietrafesa Esq. to end your wage garnishment

When you're already living paycheck to paycheck, a wage garnishment can wreak havoc on your finances. Instead of letting a creditor take money out of your paychecks, turn to Anthony J. Pietrafesa Esq. for legal help. You can count on attorney Pietrafesa to fight on your behalf and defend your rights in court.

Contact Anthony J. Pietrafesa Esq. now to ask about wage garnishment laws in Syracuse and Albany. Call 315-400-2571 for our Syracuse office or 518-218-0851 for our Albany office. You can schedule a consultation with attorney Pietrafesa at your convenience.

3 good reasons to end your wage garnishments right now

Anthony J. Pietrafesa Esq. understands the importance of quick wage garnishment solutions. You shouldn't wait to solve wage garnishment issues because:

1. Wage garnishments will continue until your debt is paid off. This can be a long time depending on the size of your loan.

2. Wage garnishments are calculated based on your disposable income. There are certain costs the court might not take into consideration.

3. Wage garnishments can cause you to fall deeper into debt. If you can't afford to pay other bills as a result of wage garnishments, you can increase the amount you owe on other bills.

To speak with a reliable wage garnishment lawyer about your finances, call one of our offices now. Attorney Pietrafesa will do everything he can to end your wage garnishment.