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When you're living with overwhelming debt, even the simplest financial tasks become hard. How can you set aside savings when you're facing wage garnishments? How can you create a monthly budget when debt collectors are constantly demanding money from you?

Anthony J. Pietrafesa Esq. can help you seek debt relief. Attorney Pietrafesa offers debt settlement services for clients trying to avoid bankruptcy. You can trust attorney Pietrafesa to look out for your best interests.

Is debt settlement the right approach for you?

Anthony J. Pietrafesa Esq. has the knowledge and skills needed to take on your debt relief case. You should consider seeking a debt settlement if:

  • You have multiple bills to pay and want to eliminate one of them
  • You can't handle the interest rate on one of your bills
  • You feel overwhelmed and are at risk of losing your home or car

Reach out to Anthony J. Pietrafesa Esq. now to schedule a consultation with a dependable debt settlement lawyer. Call 315-400-2571 for our Syracuse office or 518-218-0851 for our Albany office. Attorney Pietrafesa can work toward reducing your debt right away.